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Fluidra – soluciones para piscinas

logo-Fluidra Fluidra es un grupo multinacional dedicado al desarrollo de aplicaciones para el uso sostenible del agua.

Para este proyecto al ser un diseño web muy personalizado, con bastante información era necesario optimizar al máximo la arquitectura para facilitar la gestión del contenido web, indicando cada sección y cómo funciona este de la manera más fácil.

Al hacer esta web con WordPress encontramos como siempre las funciones útiles, que facilitan la administracion tanto del contenido como controlar las necesidades del diseño web.

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    • Betty 03. Ene, 2017 at 2:49 #

      Certo che ti leggono proprio tutti. Quel bando e' li' da Novembre, ma solo ora che lo hai segnalato tu sta esplodendo il caso sul web. Sei proprio l&enz;emi3#n9a grigia della rete 🙂

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    • “To try to understand what Zionism thought, at the deepest and often most disturbing level, it was doing, in its own language and terms, without cutting off the path to dissent”There is the problem. Zionism was never a monolithic consented single definition.The iteration of the laws “Jewish and democratic” are for me the most descriptive, equally important, requiring both to be “true to Zionism”.I don’t believe that Buber described the creation of Israel as a catastrophe, as in in 1948, he felt that state institutions to protect the Jewish community were unnecessary.Anyone have an actual quote, in context?

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